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Posted by: Tad Weiss on June 30, 2015, Latest News

“Time” has been on my mind a lot lately. Our son Peter just graduated from high school, and I put together a slideshow of the 18 years since his birth. When the slideshow was completed and we all sat down to watch it, there were many smiles, many laughs, and a few tears. 18 years … Continue reading Time

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We Have Met the Enemy…

Posted by: Tad Weiss on May 26, 2015, Latest News

A friend and client sent me a copy of the prayer that was delivered by the Rev. Brian Konkol, Chaplain of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, to open the legislative session at the Minnesota State Capital on May 8, 2015. I was glad to see that prayer is still allowed in this setting, and … Continue reading We Have Met the Enemy…

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Everyone is Scared!

Posted by: Tad Weiss on May 6, 2015, Latest News

I saw this headline recently online, and of course it caught my attention. Robert Shiller, the Nobel prize winner for economics in 2013, was expounding on his belief that the human race has deep underlying fears about technology and the lives their children will lead in the future, based on what he is seeing in … Continue reading Everyone is Scared!

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That’s Not Fair!

Posted by: Tad Weiss on April 20, 2015, Latest News

Another tax season has come and gone, and I hope that you didn’t get a nasty surprise from your accountant, Turbo Tax, or however you choose to do your taxes! We need to be fairly conversant with income tax planning in my line of work, but it was probably 15 years ago that I threw … Continue reading That’s Not Fair!

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One Tough Test

Posted by: Tad Weiss on April 7, 2015, Latest News

According to Business Insider, the most recent results for the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Level 1 test were released in January, and 44% of the 47,175 test-takers passed the exam. Before you think that is a low figure, realize that the 44% pass rate is higher than usual. The CFA exam is one tough test! … Continue reading One Tough Test

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